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Assess more than just conveyor speed and temperature

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OvenSENTINEL Feature - Dynamic Measurement Capability

Dynamic Measurement Capabilities

  • Flexible data extraction that goes beyond standard metrics
  • Open architecture that is integration-ready for future measurement needs
  • Unique design allowing extended sensor types and measures along with
    density with location profile technology
OvenSENTINEL Feature - Full featured Traceability

Full-featured Traceability

  • Local and remote database support
  • Specific board tracking and tracing
  • Fully customizable reports for each board, lot, part etc.
OvenSENTINEL Feature - Industry 4.0+

Industry 4.0+

  • Industry accepted SQL database with mirroring, aggregation built in
    Easy integration and full featured reporting delivers actionable data and deep analytics
  • CFX Ready
OvenSENTINEL Feature - Continuous Quality Monitoring

Continuous Quality Monitoring

  • Precise PASS / FAIL for every board
  • Intuitive interface supports multiple lanes, ovens, and factories
  • Responsive and programmable event actions and notifications
OvenSENTINEL Feature - Automated Thermal Profiling

Automated Thermal Profiling

  • Auto start /arm/profile generation/product change over
OvenSENTINEL Feature - OvenSENTINEL™ Software

OvenSENTINEL™ Software

  • Continuous oven monitoring
  • Process Data Archiving and Playback
  • Automatic Statistical Process Control Charting
  • Out-of-Specification Alarm
  • Trusted traceability with patent-pending TrueProfile™ technology

System Options

Let the power of automation protect you from harm

SMEMA Interface

Monitor Single and Dual Lane

Power Monitoring

Monitor Single and Dual Lane

Board Dropped

Monitor Single and Dual Lane

Light Tower

Red, Green & Yellow w/ Alarm

Missing Bar Code

Monitor Single and Dual Lane


Standard kit

Includes the following:
  • OvenSENTINEL™ Station
  • Status Badge - Green, Yellow & Red
  • Oven Zone Thermal Probe (custom per specific oven model)
  • Installation Kit for your brand of Oven
  • Board In & Conveyor Speed Sensors
  • OvenSENTINEL™ Software
  • Users Operation Guide
  • Custom Zone Thermal Probe per Oven Make & Model
  • Optical Board Entry and Exit
  • Inductive Conveyor Speed
Maximum Probe Temperature:
  • Flexible Probe: 350°C (662°F)
  • Solid Probe: 350°C (662°F)

Status Badge / Light Tower (Optional):

  • Green: System Ready
  • Yellow: System Warning
  • Red: Out-of-Spec Indicator
Physical Dimensions:

Station (W x H x D)

266.7mm x 241.3mm x 47.6mm (10.5in x 9.5in x 1.88in)
Station Inputs (59 Total):

Thermocouple (24):

  • Type K, ± 1.5°C (2.7°F)

Digital (7):

  • Boolean: True/False (1/0)
  • Frequency: 0-1,000Hz ± 1 Hz
  • Period: 0-10 Seconds ± 1 Millisecond

RS-485 (1):

  • MODBUS Protocol

RS-232 (2):



System and Information videos

Continuous Monitoring Solution - See TrueProfile™ in Action
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